Danie & Josh 8.19.17

danijoshblog-1 danijoshblog-2 danijoshblog-3 danijoshblog-4 danijoshblog-5 danijoshblog-6 danijoshblog-7 danijoshblog-8 danijoshblog-9 danijoshblog-10 danijoshblog-11 danijoshblog-12 danijoshblog-13 danijoshblog-14 danijoshblog-15 danijoshblog-16 danijoshblog-17 danijoshblog-18 danijoshblog-19 danijoshblog-20 danijoshblog-21 danijoshblog-22 danijoshblog-23 danijoshblog-24 danijoshblog-25 danijoshblog-26 danijoshblog-27 danijoshblog-28 danijoshblog-29 danijoshblog-30 danijoshblog-31 danijoshblog-32 danijoshblog-33 danijoshblog-34 danijoshblog-35 danijoshblog-36 danijoshblog-37 danijoshblog-38 danijoshblog-39 danijoshblog-40 danijoshblog-41Special thanks to Loyal Nine for being a great venue with delicious food & Backbar for allowing us to stop by for a drink and to take a few pictures!


Julia & Chris 6.24.17

JuliaChrisBlog-1 JuliaChrisBlog-2 JuliaChrisBlog-3 JuliaChrisBlog-4 JuliaChrisBlog-5 JuliaChrisBlog-6 JuliaChrisBlog-7 JuliaChrisBlog-8 JuliaChrisBlog-9 JuliaChrisBlog-10 JuliaChrisBlog-11 JuliaChrisBlog-12 JuliaChrisBlog-13 JuliaChrisBlog-14 JuliaChrisBlog-15 JuliaChrisBlog-16 JuliaChrisBlog-17 JuliaChrisBlog-18 JuliaChrisBlog-19 JuliaChrisBlog-20 JuliaChrisBlog-21 JuliaChrisBlog-22 JuliaChrisBlog-23 JuliaChrisBlog-24 JuliaChrisBlog-25 JuliaChrisBlog-26 JuliaChrisBlog-27 JuliaChrisBlog-28 JuliaChrisBlog-29 JuliaChrisBlog-30 JuliaChrisBlog-31 JuliaChrisBlog-32 JuliaChrisBlog-33 JuliaChrisBlog-34 JuliaChrisBlog-35 JuliaChrisBlog-36 JuliaChrisBlog-37 JuliaChrisBlog-38 JuliaChrisBlog-39 JuliaChrisBlog-40 JuliaChrisBlog-41 JuliaChrisBlog-42 JuliaChrisBlog-43 JuliaChrisBlog-44 JuliaChrisBlog-45 JuliaChrisBlog-46 JuliaChrisBlog-48 JuliaChrisBlog-49 JuliaChrisBlog-50 JuliaChrisBlog-51 JuliaChrisBlog-52 JuliaChrisBlog-53 JuliaChrisBlog-54 JuliaChrisBlog-55 JuliaChrisBlog-56 JuliaChrisBlog-57 JuliaChrisBlog-58 JuliaChrisBlog-59

Madeleine & Peter 6.3.17

M&P blog-1 M&P blog-2 M&P blog-3 M&P blog-4 M&P blog-5 M&P blog-6 M&P blog-7 M&P blog-8M&P blog-9M&P blog-10 M&P blog-11 M&P blog-12 M&P blog-13 M&P blog-14 M&P blog-15 M&P blog-16 M&P blog-17 M&P blog-18 M&P blog-19 M&P blog-20 M&P blog-21 M&P blog-22 M&P blog-23 M&P blog-24 M&P blog-25 M&P blog-26 M&P blog-27 M&P blog-28 M&P blog-29 M&P blog-30 M&P blog-31 M&P blog-32 M&P blog-33 M&P blog-34 M&P blog-35 M&P blog-36 M&P blog-37 M&P blog-38 M&P blog-39 M&P blog-40 M&P blog-41 M&P blog-42 M&P blog-43 M&P blog-44 M&P blog-45 M&P blog-46 M&P blog-47 M&P blog-48 M&P blog-49 M&P blog-50 M&P blog-51 M&P blog-52 M&P blog-53 M&P blog-54 M&P blog-55 M&P blog-56 M&P blog-57 M&P blog-58 M&P-blog-59

Caitlin & Alex 1.14.17

Caitlin & Alex got married in the dead of winter, in a dark wine cellar and they both wore black. It was a happy occasion indeed! No I’m serious. We laughed, we cried, we ate oysters and steak. We braved the 24° weather to take pictures on the roof deck at dusk. Below are some of my favorite images from the evening. Extra special thanks to Elizabeth at Mooo restaurant in the XV Beacon hotel for being an awesome coordinator.

CaitlinAlexBlog-1 CaitlinAlexBlog-2 CaitlinAlexBlog-3 CaitlinAlexBlog-4 CaitlinAlexBlog-5 CaitlinAlexBlog-6 CaitlinAlexBlog-7 CaitlinAlexBlog-9 CaitlinAlexBlog-10 CaitlinAlexBlog-11 CaitlinAlexBlog-12 CaitlinAlexBlog-13 CaitlinAlexBlog-14 CaitlinAlexBlog-15 CaitlinAlexBlog-16 CaitlinAlexBlog-17 CaitlinAlexBlog-18 CaitlinAlexBlog-19 CaitlinAlexBlog-20 CaitlinAlexBlog-21 CaitlinAlexBlog-22 CaitlinAlexBlog-23 CaitlinAlexBlog-24 CaitlinAlexBlog-25 CaitlinAlexBlog-26 CaitlinAlexBlog-27 CaitlinAlexBlog-28 CaitlinAlexBlog-29 CaitlinAlexBlog-30 CaitlinAlexBlog-31 CaitlinAlexBlog-32 CaitlinAlexBlog-33 CaitlinAlexBlog-34 CaitlinAlexBlog-35 CaitlinAlexBlog-36

Brittni & Matt 11.11.16

brittnimattblog-1 brittnimattblog-2 brittnimattblog-3 brittnimattblog-4 brittnimattblog-5 brittnimattblog-6 brittnimattblog-7 brittnimattblog-8 brittnimattblog-9 brittnimattblog-10 brittnimattblog-11 brittnimattblog-12 brittnimattblog-13 brittnimattblog-14 brittnimattblog-15 brittnimattblog-16 brittnimattblog-17 brittnimattblog-18 brittnimattblog-19 brittnimattblog-20 brittnimattblog-21brittniemattblog-22brittnimattblog-23 brittnimattblog-24 brittnimattblog-25 brittnimattblog-26 brittnimattblog-27brittnimattblog-67brittnimattblog-68brittnimattblog-69brittnimattblog-70brittnimattblog-71 brittnimattblog-28 brittnimattblog-29 brittnimattblog-30 brittnimattblog-31 brittnimattblog-32 brittnimattblog-33 brittnimattblog-34 brittnimattblog-35 brittnimattblog-36 brittnimattblog-37 brittnimattblog-38 brittnimattblog-39 brittnimattblog-40 brittnimattblog-41 brittnimattblog-42 brittnimattblog-43 brittnimattblog-44 brittnimattblog-45 brittnimattblog-46 brittnimattblog-47 brittnimattblog-48 brittnimattblog-49 brittnimattblog-50 brittnimattblog-51 brittnimattblog-52 brittnimattblog-53 brittnimattblog-54 brittnimattblog-55 brittnimattblog-56brittnimattblog-57brittnimattblog-58 brittnimattblog-59 brittnimattblog-60 brittnimattblog-61 brittnimattblog-62 brittnimattblog-63 brittnimattblog-64 brittnimattblog-65

Kristy & Andrew 11.5.16

Kristy & Andrew got married at Camp Joslin which is becoming my favorite wedding venue! This was my 3rd time shooting there and while I’ve blogged about it before I’m going to tell you again. It’s not an actual wedding venue. It’s a summer camp for boys with diabetes. It’s JUST like regular camp but catered to dietary and medical needs of diabetics. You can rent it for your event during the off season and the money goes back into funding the camp! How cool is that? Here are a few of my favorite images from that day. Scroll to the end for a story about squirrels! Special thank to The Buffet Way for a delicious turkey dinner and Something Bleu for keeping things organized all day.

kran-blog-1 kran-blog-2 kran-blog-3 kran-blog-4 kran-blog-5 kran-blog-6 kran-blog-7 kran-blog-8 kran-blog-9 kran-blog-10 kran-blog-11 kran-blog-12 kran-blog-13 kran-blog-14 kran-blog-15 kran-blog-16 kran-blog-17 kran-blog-18 kran-blog-19 kran-blog-20 kran-blog-21 kran-blog-22 kran-blog-23 kran-blog-24 kran-blog-25 kran-blog-26 kran-blog-27 kran-blog-28 kran-blog-29 kran-blog-30 kran-blog-31 kran-blog-32 kran-blog-33 kran-blog-34 kran-blog-35 kran-blog-36 kran-blog-37 kran-blog-38 kran-blog-39 kran-blog-40 kran-blog-41 kran-blog-42 kran-blog-43 kran-blog-44 kran-blog-45 kran-blog-46 kran-blog-47 kran-blog-48 kran-blog-49 kran-blog-50 kran-blog-51 kran-blog-52 kran-blog-53 kran-blog-54 kran-blog-55 kran-blog-56 kran-blog-57 kran-blog-58 kran-blog-59 kran-blog-60 kran-blog-61 kran-blog-62

There’s a silly story about the significance of the squirrel. Back in May when we got together for an engagement session at the Charles River Esplanade we were befriended by a hungry squirrel. It walked right up to us and looked us right in the eyes as though to ask for food. It followed us for a few minutes and actually went running to Kristy and Andrew when they called it. They ended up including the photo in their invitations and getting an adorable carved squirrel to bring to the wedding!kran-blog-63


Kathryn & Stephen 9.24.16


Hey everyone!! I’m a little behind on my posting/blogging so I’m super excited to finally be uploading some photos from Kathryn and Stephen’s wedding the other weekend. This also happens to be the first wedding I shot on my brand new Canon 5D Mark iv! I know it’s silly to love a piece of equipment as much as I love this camera but what can I say? We make pretty pictures together. These are a couple of my initial favorites. Be sure to check out the awesome croquembouche that they chopped with a sword and the killer dance moves all around!ksblog-1 ksblog-2 ksblog-3 ksblog-4 ksblog-5 ksblog-6 ksblog-7 ksblog-8 ksblog-9 ksblog-10 ksblog-11 ksblog-12 ksblog-13 ksblog-14 ksblog-15 ksblog-16 ksblog-17 ksblog-18 ksblog-19 ksblog-20 ksblog-21 ksblog-22 ksblog-23 ksblog-24 ksblog-25 ksblog-26 ksblog-27 ksblog-28 ksblog-29 ksblog-30 ksblog-31 ksblog-32 ksblog-33 ksblog-34 ksblog-35 ksblog-36 ksblog-37 ksblog-38 ksblog-39 ksblog-40 ksblog-41ksblog-42ksblog-43ksblog-44ksblog-45ksblog-46ksblog-47ksblog-48ksblog-49ksblog-50ksblog-51