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Caitlin & Alex 1.14.17

Caitlin & Alex got married in the dead of winter, in a dark wine cellar and they both wore black. It was a happy occasion indeed! No I’m serious. We laughed, we cried, we ate oysters and steak. We braved the 24Ā° weather to take pictures on the roof deck at dusk. Below are some… Read more »

Kristy & Andrew 11.5.16

Kristy & Andrew got married at Camp Joslin which is becoming my favorite wedding venue! This was my 3rd time shooting there and while I’ve blogged about it before I’m going to tell you again. It’s not an actual wedding venue. It’s a summer camp for boys with diabetes. It’s JUST like regular camp but… Read more »

Kathryn & Stephen 9.24.16

  Hey everyone!! I’m a little behind on my posting/blogging so I’m super excited to finally be uploadingĀ some photos from Kathryn and Stephen’s wedding the other weekend. This also happens to be the first wedding I shot on my brand new Canon 5D Mark iv! I know it’s silly to love a piece of equipment… Read more »

Kelly & Rebecca 9.10.16

You GUYS!!! Look at these two incredible women on their wedding day! It it any wonder I’m always going on about how much I love my job? It was hard to select favorites without going way overboard but here it is: a first look at Kelly & Rebecca’s amazing wedding. Special thanks to Willow Springs… Read more »