Kathryn & Stephen 9.24.16


Hey everyone!! I’m a little behind on my posting/blogging so I’m super excited to finally be uploadingĀ some photos from Kathryn and Stephen’s wedding the other weekend. This also happens to be the first wedding I shot on my brand new Canon 5D Mark iv! I know it’s silly to love a piece of equipment as much as I love this camera but what can I say? We make pretty pictures together. These are a couple of my initial favorites. Be sure to check out the awesome croquembouche that they chopped with a sword and the killer dance moves all around!ksblog-1 ksblog-2 ksblog-3 ksblog-4 ksblog-5 ksblog-6 ksblog-7 ksblog-8 ksblog-9 ksblog-10 ksblog-11 ksblog-12 ksblog-13 ksblog-14 ksblog-15 ksblog-16 ksblog-17 ksblog-18 ksblog-19 ksblog-20 ksblog-21 ksblog-22 ksblog-23 ksblog-24 ksblog-25 ksblog-26 ksblog-27 ksblog-28 ksblog-29 ksblog-30 ksblog-31 ksblog-32 ksblog-33 ksblog-34 ksblog-35 ksblog-36 ksblog-37 ksblog-38 ksblog-39 ksblog-40 ksblog-41ksblog-42ksblog-43ksblog-44ksblog-45ksblog-46ksblog-47ksblog-48ksblog-49ksblog-50ksblog-51