Ellen & Tavish 8.13.16




Here’s a first look at Tavish and Ellen’s amazing wedding at the Mountain House on Sunday River. Amazing couple. Amazing crowd. SO MUCH SMILES!!!E&T blog-1 E&T blog-2 E&T blog-3 E&T blog-4 E&T blog-5 E&T blog-6 E&T blog-7 E&T blog-8 E&T blog-9 E&T blog-10 E&T blog-11 E&T blog-12 E&T blog-13E&T blog-14E&T blog-15E&T blog-16E&T blog-17E&T blog-18E&T blog-19E&T blog-20E&T blog-21E&T blog-22E&T blog-23E&T blog-24E&T blog-25E&T blog-26E&T blog-27E&T blog-28E&T-blog-29E&T blog-30E&T blog-31E&T blog-32E&T blog-33E&T blog-34E&T blog-35E&T blog-36E&T blog-37E&T blog-38E&T-blog-39E&T-blog-40E&T blog-41

Elizabeth & David 6.18.16

Elizabeth and David got married on Saturday June 18th, 2016 but the party started the evening before when we met up at the Arnold Arboretum to walk around, enjoy the scenery and take some awesome photos of the two of them alone and with some close family members. The following morning they officially tied the knot at the MIT chapel in Cambridge surrounded by an intimate gathering of their closest friends and family. The ceremony was followed by an incredible lunch feast at Oleana which is one of my favorite restaurants in town! The following images are a very small collection of some of my favorite moments. Huge Congrats to Liz and David!

LizDavid-1 LizDavid-2 LizDavid-3 LizDavid-4 LizDavid-5 LizDavid-6 LizDavid-7 LizDavid-8 LizDavid-9 LizDavid-10 LizDavid-11 LizDavid-12 LizDavid-13 LizDavid-14 LizDavid-15 LizDavid-16 LizDavid-17 LizDavid-18 LizDavid-19 LizDavid-20 LizDavid-21 LizDavid-22 LizDavid-23 LizDavid-24 LizDavid-25 LizDavid-26 LizDavid-27 LizDavid-28 LizDavid-29 LizDavid-30 LizDavid-31 LizDavid-32 LizDavid-33 LizDavid-34 LizDavid-35 LizDavid-36 LizDavid-37 LizDavid-38 LizDavid-39 LizDavid-40 LizDavid-41 LizDavid-42 LizDavid-43 LizDavid-44 LizDavid-45 LizDavid-46 LizDavid-47 LizDavid-48 LizDavid-49 LizDavid-50 LizDavid-51 LizDavid-52 LizDavid-53 LizDavid-54 LizDavid-55 LizDavid-56

Alicia & Aaron 6.11.16

Who doesn’t love a small intimate wedding? Alicia and Aaron chose to get married at an AirB&B surrounded by a small gathering of their closest friends and family. And their dog Rusty of course! Here are a couple of my favorite images from their day. Special thanks to Cheryl Aruda/Dirty Blonde and Above and Beyond Catering for helping to make the day extra special.

A&A blog-1 A&A blog-2 A&A blog-3 A&A blog-4 A&A blog-5 A&A blog-6 A&A blog-7 A&A blog-8 A&A blog-9 A&A blog-10 A&A blog-11 A&A blog-12 A&A blog-13 A&A blog-14 A&A blog-15 A&A blog-16 A&A blog-18 A&A blog-19 A&A blog-20 A&A blog-21 A&A blog-22 A&A blog-23 A&A blog-24 A&A blog-25 A&A blog-26 A&A blog-27 A&A blog-28 A&A blog-30 A&A blog-31 A&A blog-32 A&A blog-33 A&A blog-34 A&A blog-35 A&A blog-36 A&A blog-37 A&A blog-38 A&A blog-39 A&A blog-40 A&A blog-41 A&A blog-42 A&A blog-43 A&A blog-44 A&A blog-45


Elena & Jaap 6.4.16

Elena and Jaap got married last weekend at The Dan’l Webster Inn in Sandwich MA. Here are a couple of my favorite images from their perfectly gorgeous 70º day!

E&J blog-1 E&J blog-2 E&J blog-3 E&J blog-4 E&J blog-5 E&J blog-6 E&J blog-7 E&J blog-8 E&J blog-9 E&J blog-10 E&J blog-11 E&J blog-12 E&J blog-13 E&J blog-14 E&J blog-15 E&J blog-16 E&J blog-17 E&J blog-18 E&J blog-19 E&J blog-20 E&J blog-21 E&J blog-22 E&J blog-23 E&J blog-24 E&J blog-25 E&J blog-26 E&J blog-27 E&J blog-28 E&J blog-29 E&J blog-30 E&J blog-31 E&J blog-32 E&J blog-33 E&J blog-34 E&J blog-35 E&J blog-36 E&J blog-37 E&J blog-38 E&J blog-39 E&J blog-40 E&J blog-41 E&J blog-42 E&J blog-43 E&J blog-44 E&J blog-45 E&J blog-46 E&J blog-47 E&J blog-48I’d also love to share a few images from Elena & Jaap’s engagement session which we got together for just a few days before the wedding. It meant a lot to me to get some one-on-one time with them and capture some images on the MIT campus which is where they met each other.

E&J blog-49 E&J blog-50 E&J blog-51


One last NYE with Booty

If you love seeing music and live in the greater Boston area you’ve probably been to Johnny D’s. I’ve been going there to dance with friends and see my favorite bands since the moment I was old enough to be in bars. Over the years I’ve made countless friends and memories there. I first saw Booty Vortex in 2010 shortly after having met and befriended Kit (one of their singers) at another bar. I started going on a regular basis and before I knew it had made some great friends in the audience and on the stage. The band and it’s regular fans have become part of my extended family just as Johnny D’s has become a home away from home.

Well Johnny D’s is closing soon so naturally I had to go spend one last new years eve there with Booty Vortex. To make it even more bittersweet, it was Kit’s last show with the band. This probably sounds extremely sappy but it definitely felt like the end of something and a significant change. What can I say? I’m a sentimental person. So I did what I do, which is take pictures to preserve the memory. Hope you enjoy them!

NYE2015BV  blog-2 NYE2015BV  blog-5 NYE2015BV  blog-6 NYE2015BV  blog-7 NYE2015BV  blog-8 NYE2015BV  blog-9 NYE2015BV  blog-10 NYE2015BV  blog-11 NYE2015BV  blog-12 NYE2015BV  blog-13 NYE2015BV  blog-14 NYE2015BV  blog-15 NYE2015BV  blog-16 NYE2015BV  blog-17 NYE2015BV  blog-18 NYE2015BV  blog-19 NYE2015BV  blog-20 NYE2015BV  blog-21 NYE2015BV  blog-22 NYE2015BV  blog-23 NYE2015BV  blog-24 NYE2015BV  blog-25 NYE2015BV  blog-26 NYE2015BV  blog-27 NYE2015BV  blog-28 NYE2015BV  blog-29 NYE2015BV  blog-30 NYE2015BV  blog-31 NYE2015BV  blog-32 NYE2015BV  blog-33 NYE2015BV  blog-34 NYE2015BV  blog-35

Anne & Gwen Halloween 2015

I finished off my 2015 wedding season this year with a Dr. Who themed Halloween wedding at the Waterworks museum in Boston! There were sonic screwdrivers built into the handmade paper-bouquets, a life-sized Tardis, (built by one of the bride’s brothers), a chocolate fountain, giant buckets of candy for the kids who missed out on trick-or-treating, and a gorgeous custom-made Tardis dress. The brides exchanged their vows outside as the sun set while their guests (who all wore costumes!) gathered around to witness. Overall I’d say it was an awesome way to end my year. Congrats to Anne and Gwen!

a&g blog-1 a&g blog-2 a&g blog-3 a&g blog-4 a&g blog-5 a&g blog-6 a&g blog-7 a&g blog-8 a&g blog-9 a&g blog-10 a&g blog-11 a&g blog-12 a&g blog-13 a&g blog-14 a&g blog-15 a&g blog-16 a&g blog-17 a&g blog-18 a&g blog-19 a&g blog-20 a&g blog-21 a&g blog-22 a&g blog-23 a&g blog-24 a&g blog-25 a&g blog-26 a&g blog-27 a&g blog-28 a&g blog-29 a&g blog-30 a&g blog-31 a&g blog-32 a&g blog-33 a&g blog-34 a&g blog-35 a&g blog-36 a&g blog-37 a&g blog-38

Chloe & Joe 9.12.15


C&J blog-1 C&J blog-2 C&J blog-3 C&J blog-4 C&J blog-5 C&J blog-6 C&J blog-7 C&J blog-8 C&J blog-9 C&J blog-10 C&J blog-11 C&J blog-12 C&J blog-13 C&J blog-14 C&J blog-15 C&J blog-16C&JBlog-17C&J blog-18 C&J blog-19 C&J blog-20 C&J blog-21 C&J blog-22 C&J blog-23 C&J blog-24 C&J blog-25 C&J blog-26 C&J blog-27 C&J blog-28 C&J blog-29 C&J blog-30 C&J blog-31 C&J blog-32 C&J blog-33 C&J blog-34 C&J blog-35 C&J blog-36 C&J blog-37 C&J blog-39 C&J blog-40 C&J blog-41 C&J blog-42 C&J blog-43 C&J blog-44 C&J blog-45 C&J blog-46 C&J blog-47 C&J blog-48 C&J blog-49 C&J blog-50 C&J blog-51 C&J blog-52DANCING

Sarah & Andy 9.6.15

S&A blog-1

Sarah & Andy got married at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham MA which is a REALLY awesome looking venue filled with lots of really cool old technology. They showed up wearing lots of red (my favorite color!) and we spent the first part of the day together taking lots of great portraits and exploring the museum. There was a short outdoor ceremony in the late afternoon followed by a beautiful sunset and a great party complete with touching speeches, a delicious buffet and a live band. I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek into this really great day!

S&A blog-2 S&A blog-3 S&A blog-4 S&A blog-5 S&A blog-6 S&A blog-7 S&A blog-8 S&A blog-9 S&A blog-10 S&A blog-11 S&A blog-12 S&A blog-13 S&A blog-14 S&A blog-15 S&A blog-16 S&A blog-17 S&A blog-18 S&A blog-19 S&A blog-20 S&A blog-21 S&A blog-22 S&A blog-23 S&A blog-24 S&A blog-25 S&A blog-26 S&A blog-27 S&A blog-28 S&A blog-29 S&A blog-30 S&A blog-31 S&A blog-32 S&A blog-33 S&A blog-34 S&A blog-35 S&A blog-36 S&A blog-37


Special thanks to:

Vanessa Walsh

Swank Events Boston

Cypress Catering

Cover Story Band

Allison & Jake 9.5.15

It’s hard to put into words how awesome, fun and laid back this wedding was so I’m going to keep it simple. Two awesome people got married in their backyard and ate homemade tacos! Seriously. So. Much. Fun.

A&J blog-1 A&J blog-2 A&J blog-3 A&J blog-4 A&J blog-5 A&J blog-6 A&J blog-7 A&J blog-8 A&J blog-9 A&J blog-10 A&J blog-11 A&J blog-12 A&J blog-13 A&J blog-14 A&J blog-15 A&J blog-16 A&J blog-17 A&J blog-18 A&J blog-19A&J blog-21A&J blog-29 A&J blog-20A&J blog-22 A&J blog-23 A&J blog-24 A&J blog-25 A&J blog-26 A&J blog-27 A&J blog-28

Michelle & John 8.15.15

August 15, 2015 was an awesome day for me! Michelle & John’s took place in the Boston public garden followed by a small reception at the Hampshire House right upstairs from Boston’s iconic Cheers bar. Those of you who know me are familiar with my walking habit (addiction?) won’t be surprised to learn that I decided to walk the two miles from Cambridge to Boston toting my gear behind me in a rolling bag. And any day that starts with walking is bound to be good in my book!

Michelle & John chose to have a short and intimate ceremony in the garden with a small grouping of close family and friends gathered around to witness. One cousin provided the piano music while another officiated. At the reception the maid of honor surprised everyone by singing her hilarious speech to the tune of Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys accompanied on piano by another close friend. And then there was dancing of course. This family knows how to party!

The following are a few of my favorite images from the day. I do hope you enjoy them and will join me in wishing many years of happiness to the newlyweds!

m&j blog-1 m&j blog-2 m&j blog-3 m&j blog-4 m&j blog-5 m&j blog-9 m&j blog-10 m&j blog-11 m&j blog-12 m&j blog-13 m&j blog-14 m&j blog-15 m&j blog-16 m&j blog-17 m&j blog-18 m&j blog-19 m&j blog-20 m&j blog-25 m&j blog-26 m&j blog-27 m&j blog-28 m&j blog-29 m&j blog-30 m&j blog-31 m&j blog-32 m&j blog-33 m&j blog-34 m&j blog-35 m&j blog-36 m&j blog-37 m&j blog-38 m&j blog-39 m&j blog-40 m&j blog-41 m&j blog-42 m&j blog-43 m&j blog-44 m&j blog-45 m&j blog-46 m&j blog-47 m&j blog-48 m&j blog-49 m&j blog-50 m&j blog-51 m&j blog-52