Ellie & Theo 6.27.15

I know that ever photographer says this, but I really mean it when I say that I LOVE MY JOB! I get to spend my days with amazing couples and their families on one of their most special occasions ever. Ellie and Theo’s wedding was no exception. The day was full of smiles, hugs, silly faces, a couple of happy tears and all around awesomeness. Oh… and nachos. We had a bit of time to kill between the ceremony and the reception so we stopped into The Main Pub (where Ellie & Theo had their first date) for a beer and some nachos in their special booth. It doesn’t get much cooler than that! The reception was held at The Society Room in Hartford CT which is a really neat looking venue that used to be a bank. The original vault is still there and has been sparsely decorated with an antique red couch which made for some fun photos at the end of the night. I hope you enjoy following images. They are some of my favorites from the day!

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Katie & Scott 6.20.15

I’m lucky in life to say that my job is to capture love and be with people on one of the most memorable days of their lives. I hope you’ll enjoy this preview of images from Katie & Scott’s wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club. The day will go down in history as one full of huge smiles, extra hugs, tears of joy and a lot of crazy dancing! Congrats to these two awesome people.

Katie & Scott blog-1 Katie & Scott blog-2 Katie & Scott blog-3 Katie & Scott blog-4 Katie & Scott blog-5 Katie & Scott blog-6 Katie & Scott blog-7 Katie & Scott blog-8 Katie & Scott blog-9 Katie & Scott blog-10 Katie & Scott blog-11 Katie & Scott blog-12 Katie & Scott blog-13 Katie & Scott blog-14 Katie & Scott blog-15 Katie & Scott blog-16 Katie & Scott blog-17 Katie & Scott blog-18 Katie & Scott blog-19 Katie & Scott blog-20 Katie & Scott blog-21 Katie & Scott blog-22 Katie & Scott blog-23 Katie & Scott blog-24 Katie & Scott blog-25 Katie & Scott blog-26 Katie & Scott blog-27 Katie & Scott blog-28 Katie & Scott blog-29 Katie & Scott blog-30 Katie & Scott blog-31 Katie & Scott blog-32 Katie & Scott blog-33 Katie & Scott blog-34 Katie & Scott blog-35 Katie & Scott blog-36 Katie & Scott blog-37 Katie & Scott blog-38 Katie & Scott blog-39 Katie & Scott blog-40 Katie & Scott blog-41 Katie & Scott blog-42 Katie & Scott blog-43 Katie & Scott blog-44 Katie & Scott blog-45 Katie & Scott blog-46 Katie & Scott blog-47 Katie & Scott blog-48

Diane & Kelsey 5.30.15

D&K blog-1

The other day I found myself back at Camp Joslin for another fantastic DIY wedding! (click here to see the last wedding I photographed there)

Diane and Kelsey planned out every last detail themselves. They made dinner napkins, burned designs into ring boxes, hung lights, bagged favors, & made signs. Oh… and there was a s’mores bar. Yes. A S’MORES BAR! Every wedding should have one!

I hope you’ll all enjoy this quick look into Diane & Kelsey’s amazing day as much as I enjoyed being there to document it!

D&K blog-2 D&K blog-3 D&K blog-4 D&K blog-5 D&K blog-6 D&K blog-7 D&K blog-9 D&K blog-10 D&K blog-11 D&K blog-12 D&K blog-13 D&K blog-14 D&K blog-15 D&K blog-16 D&K blog-17 D&K blog-18 D&K blog-19 D&K blog-20 D&K blog-22 D&K blog-23 D&K blog-24 D&K blog-25 D&K blog-26 D&K blog-28 D&K blog-29 D&K blog-30 D&K blog-31 D&K blog-32 D&K blog-33 D&K blog-34 D&K blog-35 D&K blog-36 D&K blog-37 D&K blog-39 D&K blog-40 D&K blog-41 D&K blog-42 D&K blog-43 D&K blog-45 D&K blog-46 D&K blog-47 D&K blog-48 D&K blog-49 D&K blog-50 D&K blog-51 D&K blog-52 D&K blog-53 D&K blog-54 D&K blog-55 D&K blog-56 D&K blog-57 D&K blog-58 D&K blog-59 D&K blog-60 D&K blog-61 D&K blog-62 D&K blog-63 D&K blog-64 D&K blog-65 D&K blog-66 D&K blog-67


Also be sure to check out the slow motion video booth movie provided by my great friends at Latimer Studios!

Robin & Jacob 5.24.15

It’s an honor to be sharing a few of my favorite images from Robin & Jacob’s wedding on their two week anniversary! Special thanks to Matt Griswold, Tanya Costigan Events, Bittersweet Farm & Fever Band for making the day so fun. Without you all the day couldn’t possibly have run as smoothly!

R&J blog-1 R&J blog-2 R&J blog-3 R&J blog-4 R&J blog-5 R&J blog-6 R&J blog-7 R&J blog-8 R&J blog-9 R&J blog-10 R&J blog-11 R&J blog-12 R&J blog-13 R&J blog-14 R&J blog-15 R&J blog-16 R&J blog-17 R&J blog-18 R&J blog-19 R&J blog-20 R&J blog-21 R&J blog-22 R&J blog-23 R&J blog-24 R&J blog-25 R&J blog-26 R&J blog-27 R&J blog-28 R&J blog-29 R&J blog-30 R&J blog-31 R&J blog-32 R&J blog-33 R&J blog-34 R&J blog-35 R&J blog-36 R&J blog-37 R&J blog-38 R&J blog-39 R&J blog-40 R&J blog-41 R&J blog-42 R&J blog-43 R&J blog-44 R&J blog-45 R&J blog-46 R&J blog-47

Charmie & Gordon 4.25.15

Oh what a beautiful morning! Charmie and Gordon got married in the sunny late morning of April 25, 2015 at Ruggles Baptist Church right in downtown Boston. We started off the day with an intimate first look and some family portraits. The reception that followed was a feast of delicious breakfast food and mimosas (yum! breakfast!) with a few dances and toasts. I’m so glad to be sharing these images with you today. Congratulations Charmie and Gordon!

C&G blog-1 C&G blog-2 C&G blog-3 C&G blog-4 C&G blog-5 C&G blog-6 C&G blog-7 C&G blog-8 C&G blog-9 C&G blog-10 C&G blog-11 C&G blog-16 C&G blog-17 C&G blog-18 C&G blog-19 C&G blog-20 C&G blog-21 C&G blog-22 C&G blog-23 C&G blog-24 C&G blog-25 C&G blog-26 C&G blog-26c C&G blog-27 C&G blog-28 C&G blog-29 C&G blog-30 C&G blog-31 C&G blog-32 C&G blog-33 C&G blog-34 C&G blog-35 C&G blog-36 C&G blog-37 C&G blog-38 C&G blog-39 C&G blog-40 C&G blog-41

Kelsey and Victoria 4.11.15

If you like intimate emotional weddings with personal touches then you’re going to like this one! Kelsey and Tori got married on April 11 at The Endicott Estate in Dedham MA. The couple made many of the decorations and Kelsey even made her own dress! There were giant jenga blocks for the guests to sign instead of a traditional guest book and board games laid out throughout the venue for playing. Yummy food, a small gathering of close friends and family… what more could you want out of a wedding? The following is a small collection of my favorite images from the day. Congratulations Tori and Kelsey!

k&tBlog-1 k&tBlog-3 k&tBlog-4 k&tBlog-5 k&tBlog-6 k&tBlog-7 k&tBlog-8 k&tBlog-9 k&tBlog-10 k&tBlog-11 k&tBlog-12 k&tBlog-13 k&tBlog-14 k&tBlog-15 k&tBlog-16 k&tBlog-17 k&tBlog-18 k&tBlog-19 k&tBlog-20 k&tBlog-22 k&tBlog-23

Ben and Julian 4.4.15

I’m so excited to share this look into Ben and Julian’s wedding at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston. The hardest part was not choosing too many photos for this post! These two charming grooms are so photogenic and sweet together and not afraid to goof around and get silly in front of the camera. The day was slightly windy but otherwise gorgeous and we lucked out with the full yellow moon later in the evening. Big congrats to Ben and Julian! Your day was so much fun!

BenAndJulianBlog-1 BenAndJulianBlog-2 BenAndJulianBlog-3 BenAndJulianBlog-4 BenAndJulianBlog-5 BenAndJulianBlog-7 BenAndJulianBlog-8 BenAndJulianBlog-9 BenAndJulianBlog-10 BenAndJulianBlog-11 BenAndJulianBlog-13 BenAndJulianBlog-14 BenAndJulianBlog-15 BenAndJulianBlog-16 BenAndJulianBlog-17 BenAndJulianBlog-18 BenAndJulianBlog-19 BenAndJulianBlog-20 BenAndJulianBlog-21 BenAndJulianBlog-22 BenAndJulianBlog-23 BenAndJulianBlog-24 BenAndJulianBlog-25 BenAndJulianBlog-26 BenAndJulianBlog-27 BenAndJulianBlog-29 BenAndJulianBlog-30 BenAndJulianBlog-31 BenAndJulianBlog-32 BenAndJulianBlog-33 BenAndJulianBlog-34 BenAndJulianBlog-35 BenAndJulianBlog-38 BenAndJulianBlog-39 BenAndJulianBlog-40 BenAndJulianBlog-41 BenAndJulianBlog-42 BenAndJulianBlog-43 BenAndJulianBlog-44 BenAndJulianBlog-45 BenAndJulianBlog-46 BenAndJulianBlog-47 BenAndJulianBlog-48 BenAndJulianBlog-49

Alyissa & Chris 3.14.15



Alyissa and Chris decided to have their engagement photos taken at Sligo pub in Davis square which is a cozy bar that they have frequented together for many years.

a&c e session-9 a&c e session-12

Their wedding took place at Hamilton Hall in Salem MA which is a great spot for an indoor winter wedding!

A&C blog-1 A&C blog-2 A&C blog-3 A&C blog-4 A&C blog-5 A&C blog-6 A&C blog-7 A&C blog-9 A&C blog-10 A&C blog-11 A&C blog-12 A&C blog-13 A&C blog-14 A&C blog-15 A&C blog-16 A&C blog-17 A&C blog-18 A&C blog-19 A&C blog-21 A&C blog-22 A&C blog-23 A&C blog-24 A&C blog-25 A&C blog-26 A&C blog-27 A&C blog-29 A&C blog-30 A&C blog-31 A&C blog-32 A&C blog-34 A&C blog-38 A&C blog-40 A&C blog-43 A&C blog-44 A&C blog-46 A&C blog-47


Heather-Mae & Ben 10.25.14

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Heather-Mae and Ben’s intimate backyard marriage.  I hope you enjoy this look into their most special day.

Hm&B Blog-1 Hm&B Blog-2 Hm&B Blog-3 Oh yeah, Heather ran the Cape Cod half marathon just a few hours before her wedding.Hm&B Blog-5 Hm&B Blog-6 Hm&B Blog-7 Hm&B Blog-8 Hm&B Blog-9 Hm&B Blog-10 Hm&B Blog-11 Hm&B Blog-13 Hm&B Blog-14 Hm&B Blog-15 Hm&B Blog-17 Hm&B Blog-18 Hm&B Blog-19 Hm&B Blog-21 Hm&B Blog-22 Hm&B Blog-23 Hm&B Blog-25 Hm&B Blog-27 Hm&B Blog-28 Hm&B Blog-29 Hm&B Blog-30 Hm&B Blog-31 Hm&B Blog-32 Hm&B Blog-33 Hm&B Blog-34 Hm&B Blog-35 Hm&B Blog-36 Hm&B Blog-37 Hm&B Blog-39 Hm&B Blog-40 Hm&B Blog-41 Hm&B Blog-42 Hm&B Blog-43 Hm&B Blog-44 Hm&B Blog-46 Hm&B Blog-47


Elizabeth & Edward 10.4.14

It seems I’ve been shooting a lot of small intimate weddings lately and I’m loving it! In my 1st email exchange with the couple they said “we’re having a small (30 person) wedding, with no wedding party, and probably breaking all of the traditions in the process. We’re looking for a quirky photographer to capture the moment with our family and close friends.” I was honored to have been chosen to be that photographer.

The couple got ready together at their Cambridge apartment then took the train downtown to The College Club of Boston. They definitely got lots of looks and attention and I snuck in a selfie with them at Park St station. The ceremony included wedding vowels and a ring bear. That is not a typo! They also rolled dice to determine who’d read their vows first. After dinner and dancing they ended the night by playing their first video game together as a couple. They played together against the game and of course were victorious. A big big congrats to Elizabeth and Edward!

E&EBlog-2 E&EBlog-3 E&EBlog-4 E&EBlog-5 E&EBlog-6 E&EBlog-7 E&EBlog-8 E&EBlog-9 E&EBlog-11 E&EBlog-12 E&EBlog-13 E&EBlog-14 E&EBlog-15 E&EBlog-16 E&EBlog-18 E&EBlog-19 E&EBlog-20 E&EBlog-21 E&EBlog-22 E&EBlog-23 E&EBlog-24 E&EBlog-26 E&EBlog-28 E&EBlog-29 E&EBlog-30 E&EBlog-31 E&EBlog-32 E&EBlog-33 E&EBlog-34 E&EBlog-36 E&EBlog-37 E&EBlog-38 E&EBlog-39 E&EBlog-40 E&EBlog-41 E&EBlog-42 E&EBlog-43 E&EBlog-44 E&EBlog-45 E&EBlog-46 E&EBlog-47 E&EBlog-48 E&EBlog-49 E&EBlog-50 E&EBlog-52 E&EBlog-53 E&EBlog-54 E&EBlog-55 E&EBlog-56 E&EBlog-57 E&EBlog-58 E&EBlog-60 E&EBlog-61 E&EBlog-62 E&EBlog-63 E&EBlog-64 E&EBlog-66 E&EBlog-67 E&EBlog-68 E&EBlog-69 E&EBlog-70 E&EBlog-71 E&EBlog-72 E&EBlog-73 E&EBlog-74