The Nephrok Allstars and Pfunk at the House of Blues

On March 7, 2014 The Nephrok! Allstars opened for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Boston’s House of Blues.  I’ve been a devoted fan and friend of this band for a few years now and was lucky enough to go to this show as their photographer and document the set. Backstage passes! Media passes! YES!!! Not only did I get to photograph the Allstars but I got to stay and photograph Pfunk! What a night it was!

It’s hard to pick one favorite but this one is really REALLY up there. I hope you enjoy!pfunk-28

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

So I make ice cream. It’s kind of my thing.  If you also make ice cream and you don’t yet own Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home then you NEED TO RIGHT NOW!!! Here’s my version of her Backyard Mind recipe using fresh spearmint leaves and mini chocolate chips. Commence droolingmint-2 mint-4 mint-3

Mishy & DJ’s engagement

When Michelle “Mishy” first contacted me about photographing her & DJ’s wedding she introduced herself like this:

“A little about us! We’re both pretty silly and nerdy. We’re Whovians, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, and everything else under the sun. Our loved ones are important to us, as well as our personal beliefs. So our wedding is a combination of all those things. We really want to find a photographer who can capture our moments. We’re both quite quirky and strange, and have managed to find each other. Which is pretty rad.”

And it is pretty rad. When planning an engagement session they decided that they’d like to shoot at Dali which is the funky tapas restaurant where they got engaged. We arrived half hour before they opened so we started with a few pictures at the worn down  garages across the street. I hope you all enjoy these images which include Mishy & DJ “not” being art, The Janice Joplin coat, tentacle engagement rings (yes! They both have one) and the interior of a super cool restaurant.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I think the title says it all! A yummy baked snack that I guess is a bit healthier than the fried version.spf-5I also made some tasty honey mustard to dip them in!


2 sweet potatoes peeled and cut into fries

1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 teaspoons olive oil

salt and pepper

equal parts honey and a grainy mustard


put cut potatoes in a plastic bag with cornstarch and shake until coated.

add olive oil to bag and shake to coat

spread fries onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 450°F for about 20 minutes flipping midway.

mix equal parts honey and mustard in a ramekin for dipping!


Amy and Steve


Here’s another wedding I second shot with Dan Gillan Photography back in October. Amy and Steve’s got married at The Stevens Estate and their wedding had real tears, real smiles, a cake to match the dress, and a high school garage band reunion. Oh… and Steve wore what’s called a party shirt which is essentially the mullet equivalent of formal wear. Definitely one of my favorites this year!A&SBlog-1 A&SBlog-2 A&SBlog-3 A&SBlog-5 A&SBlog-6 A&SBlog-7 A&SBlog-9 A&SBlog-8 A&SBlog-10 A&SBlog-13 A&SBlog-11 A&SBlog-12 A&SBlog-14 A&SBlog-15 A&SBlog-16 A&SBlog-17 A&SBlog-18 A&SBlog-19 A&SBlog-20 A&SBlog-21 A&SBlog-22 A&SBlog-23 A&SBlog-24 A&SBlog-25 A&SBlog-26 A&SBlog-27 A&SBlog-28 A&SBlog-29 A&SBlog-30

Katie, Peter, Jane & Fizzle!

I spent last week staying with friends in Vermont and doing portrait sessions in the Upper Valley area. This is one of the sessions I did while I was there. I love the way Jane runs around with the Fizzle and I especially love that Fizzle doesn’t seem to mind!mans-2 mans-7 mans-1 mans-5 mans-8 fizzle gets a new hair style…mans-12 mans-11 mans-9 mans-13 mans-14 mans-3


One Response to “Katie, Peter, Jane & Fizzle!”

  1. Emily Pogo

    What a happy fall family! Fizzle looks like such a sweet, gentle giant. Beautiful images of a lovely day; I’m sure they’re thrilled. 🙂

Manny & Carolyn

Here’s another wedding I second shot for Dan Gillan Photography. I love it when the couple and the guests know how to party it up!

M&Cblog-2 M&Cblog-3 M&Cblog-4 M&Cblog-5 M&Cblog-6 M&Cblog-1 M&Cblog-7 M&Cblog-8 M&Cblog-9 M&Cblog-10 M&Cblog-11 M&Cblog-12 M&Cblog-13 M&Cblog-14 M&Cblog-15 M&Cblog-16 M&Cblog-17 M&Cblog-18 M&Cblog-19 M&Cblog-20 M&Cblog-21 M&Cblog-22 M&Cblog-23 M&Cblog-24 M&Cblog-25 M&Cblog-26 M&Cblog-27 M&Cblog-28 M&Cblog-29 M&Cblog-30 M&Cblog-31 M&Cblog-32 M&Cblog-33 M&Cblog-34 M&Cblog-35 M&Cblog-36

Corey & Deanna

Here’s a wedding I shot recently with Dan Gillan Photography. I was the second shooter so naturally I got to hang with the guys at the beginning of the day which is always fun. Here are some of my favorites!C&Dblog-1 C&Dblog-1-2 C&Dblog-2 C&Dblog-3 C&Dblog-4 C&Dblog-10 C&Dblog-11 C&Dblog-12 C&Dblog-13 C&Dblog-14 C&Dblog-5 C&Dblog-6 C&Dblog-7 C&Dblog-8 C&Dblog-9 C&Dblog-15 C&Dblog-16 C&Dblog-17 C&Dblog-18 C&Dblog-19 C&Dblog-20 C&Dblog-21 C&Dblog-22 C&Dblog-23 C&Dblog-24

Sax Gordon – the legend, the photo shoot, the album cover

I met Sax Gordon at Toad, a small music venue in Cambridge, MA (and incidentally, my favorite music venue in the world!) several years ago when he was sitting in with one of the bands. It turns out he’s a total rock star. And lucky for me Gordon saved my business card and hired me when it came time for some new promo-shots and an album cover. We had 2 different shoots. Here are some of my favorites

SaxG blog-3 SaxG blog-5 SaxG blog-9 SaxG blog-6 SaxG blog-10 SaxG blog-8 SaxG blog-11 SaxG blog-7And now check out the final album cover, an article in a German blues magazine, and a billboard in Italy! All of them featuring my photos!!

showtime bluesmagazine SaxGBilboard

2 Responses to “Sax Gordon – the legend, the photo shoot, the album cover”

  1. Bonnie Hale

    Yay, Gordon! Our hometown Boston boy an international star! He deserves it, he is such a fabulous musician AND well educated. Great for him, not so great for us – we don’t get to hear him play locally as often as we used to. Looking forward to the next time.

  2. David Brookes

    Caroline, I’m a fan of “Sax Gordon” he is a ‘class’ act, and now looks even ‘classier’ with your fabulous photos. Great work, love them all! The ‘industrial’ one with him sitting with the tenor placed on the ground next to the upturned metronome is my favourite. Congratulations!