Cilantro Lover’s Salad. 1 for now and 3 for later


Jar salads are all the rage right now. They’re pretty much making pinterest explode. But you know what? They’re awesome! Yes, the salads really do stay fresh all week! No, the lettuce does not get soggy. I like to eat healthy but I can also be a bit lazy. I might end up eating crackers and hummus for dinner rather than put something together. The great thing about these make ahead jar salads is that you only have to do the work once. I take the laziness one step further by purchasing pre-washed lettuce, pre-shredded carrots and pre-cooked chicken strips. Yeah… I know that I can save a lot of money by grilling/shredding/cutting/washing it all myself.  And sometimes I do.  But sometimes motivation is lacking.

So here’s what I bought at Trader Joes



1. cilantro salad dressing

2. grilled chicken strips

3. grape tomatoes

4. bagged romaine lettuce and spring mix

5. ripe avocado

6. frozen corn

7. fresh cilantro (this is optional but I really like cilantro!)

8. shredded carrots.

To assemble the salads in a jar you just need to start with the dressing and heavy ingredients and finish with the leafy greens. Pretty much the opposite order of how you’d assemble them on a plate.



I got a little fancy and mixed my corn and tomatoes with a squeeze of lime and fresh chopped cilantro.  I used about a cup of corn (run under warm water in a colander to thaw) and a cup of chopped grape tomatoes.



I put the avocado in the jar first then poured the dressing over it (about 1/4 cup). By immersing it in the dressing it doesn’t turn brown. Seriously this works. I’ve eaten one of these 7 days after making it and it was still perfect!

Then add the chicken, the corn/tomato mixture, the carrots, the romaine, and end with the spring mix!

When you’re ready to eat it just turn it over, shake the heck out of it, and dump it out onto a plate. You can eat it out of the jar if you want. But the reality of it is that you’ll eat lots of lettuce first and get dressing all over your hands. It’s worth putting it on a plate.