Sax Gordon – the legend, the photo shoot, the album cover

I met Sax Gordon at Toad, a small music venue in Cambridge, MA (and incidentally, my favorite music venue in the world!) several years ago when he was sitting in with one of the bands. It turns out he’s a total rock star. And lucky for me Gordon saved my business card and hired me when it came time for some new promo-shots and an album cover. We had 2 different shoots. Here are some of my favorites

SaxG blog-3 SaxG blog-5 SaxG blog-9 SaxG blog-6 SaxG blog-10 SaxG blog-8 SaxG blog-11 SaxG blog-7And now check out the final album cover, an article in a German blues magazine, and a billboard in Italy! All of them featuring my photos!!

showtime bluesmagazine SaxGBilboard

2 Responses to “Sax Gordon – the legend, the photo shoot, the album cover”

  1. Bonnie Hale

    Yay, Gordon! Our hometown Boston boy an international star! He deserves it, he is such a fabulous musician AND well educated. Great for him, not so great for us – we don’t get to hear him play locally as often as we used to. Looking forward to the next time.

  2. David Brookes

    Caroline, I’m a fan of “Sax Gordon” he is a ‘class’ act, and now looks even ‘classier’ with your fabulous photos. Great work, love them all! The ‘industrial’ one with him sitting with the tenor placed on the ground next to the upturned metronome is my favourite. Congratulations!